Episode 9 : Linda Brown

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Linda Brown (EaRN Equalities Ambassador) talks about equality means to them.


Linda: Hi my name is Linda Brown and I am an equalities Ambassador with the EaRN project. I would like to talk about the rights of the child and the fact that children have to have a right to survival, 25% of children in Scotland live in poverty, and poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid it is manmade and can be removed by the actions of human beings. This is a quote from Nelson Mandela, and he understood that after years of being imprisoned, when he walked out of prison if he kept all the hatred with him then he basically would still be in prison.

All children are born equal, but I do believe that in the environment they are in they are programmed to hatred. They don’t see colour, they don’t see race they don’t see disability. So I think if we try to keep our children protected from violence, abuse, neglect and allow them to express their opinions and be listened to then we wouldn’t have to have equalities ambassadors fighting for the rights of everyone, we should all be treated equally and that’s the reason why I would like to fight on behalf of children.