Episode 3 : Brian Thompson

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Below is an excerpt from a conversation between Brian Thompson (Employability Service Manager at Volunteer Edinburgh) and Caroline Gibb (EaRN Development Worker).


Brian: I mean, if we think back to the 1950’s, in fact actually even going further back to the 1880’s when a woman was the property of a man.  I think 1886 was the introduction of the married woman’s property act because up until that point, if you owned a house or you inherited a house, if you got married, that property became your husband’s.  So I know that through the women’s equality marches, I would say I think we’re now in the third wave of feminism, which is dreadful if you think about it because over 100 years later we’re still talking about the gender pay gap with women.

Other minority groups, if you think about the LBGTI movements as well, up until I think it was the late 80’s, possibly 1996, homosexuality was still classified as a mental health illness, so it was a disease.  And if you think how far that movement has went in the last few decades, I think it’s phenomenal.  If you think back to 1996, so we are only talking 40 years, where it’s become a part of the mainstream culture.  That rises to other groups, such as we’ve seen a rise in transgender awareness now.  That was something that was very much marginal I would say even 5 or 10 years ago, and again it’s moved more into the mainstream now.  People are thinking more about it and realising that it’s not a sexual orientation thing, it’s not a deviation, it is a genetic condition.  You know we all have genetic conditions, but to single one out as something so different is wrong.