Voices of Edinburgh

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What does equality mean to you? Voices of Edinburgh is a project based around photos and podcasts of the people of Edinburgh answering this question in their own words.

The Process

We ask participants to write a few words about what equality means to them on a whiteboard and then pose for a photograph. Everyone uses the same whiteboard and stands against the same backdrop. We don’t make any changes or corrections to anyone’s message, so each whiteboard shows the participants own words.

The Photographs

We are really proud to now have a digital and roaming exhibition packed with over 100 real voices of people of Edinburgh, and are very grateful to everyone who’s taken part so far.

This is an ongoing, growing project that we will continue to build on, creating a huge digital archive of real Voices of Edinburgh. If you would like to participate, or know someone who would, get in touch!

EaRN enables individuals, groups and organisations to work in partnership with public services with the aims of advancing equality, promoting human rights and tackling poverty and inequality in the city. Ultimately our aim is to provide a platform from which the voices of those in Edinburgh who are most affected by inequality and discrimination are heard.

Voices of Edinburgh Exhibition

As part of this project EaRN held an exhibition at Edinburgh Palette (pictured above) for two weeks in June of 2017 that featured the photographs and podcast episodes (each with an accompanying transcript) and you can listen to these podcasts and view the photos below as an online exhibition.

Our hope is that the project will continue to grow as word spreads and more of the city participate, so we will continue to add to the growing collection of photographs and podcasts episodes, and share and promote the project as widely as possible.

Equality is a universal right and we welcome input from anyone, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your life experience. Please come along and add your Voice.

In 2019 the exhibition is taking place in these locations:

North Edinburgh Arts, 15a Pennywell Court, EH4 4TZ  – 26/08 – 20/09

Edinburgh Central Library7-9 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EG – 09/09 – 04/10

Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Rd, EH10 4DP – 14/10 – 25/10

Edinburgh College (Granton Campus), 350 W Granton Rd, EH5 1QE – 04/11 – 08/11

Whale Arts, 30 Westburn Grove, EH14 2SA – Dates TBC

We are always looking for new venues, in any part of Edinburgh, to host the exhibition so if you know of a location please contact us at EaRN.


We asked each individual featured in our exhibition if they would like to provide some information (their name as they would like it to appear, their age, and a short description) to accompany their photograph. Providing this information was optional, however for those who have chosen to include some additional details you will find their name(s) above the photo and their age(s) and a description below. You can search for these details using the search box provided.

Our online gallery has been setup to display a photo from our collection at random. If you would like to navigate through the photographs one-by-one you can do so by clicking on a photo to open the slideshow view, or alternatively you can search for a photo using the search box provided below.

Marion. A woman who lives life to the full.
Having a job
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We have transcripts for each of these podcasts and you can find links to these below (beneath the audio player). On the page for each transcript you will also find a Google Translate menu in the top left of the page above the title.

  1. Episode 1 : Alan Dudley Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 16:46
  2. Episode 2 : Amanda Heenan Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 4:14
  3. Episode 3 : Brian Thompson Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 7:36
  4. Episode 4 : FAZ Pilmeny Youth Group Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 13:09
  5. Episode 5 : Gavin Neate (Neatebox) Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 9:30
  6. Episode 6 : Get2gether Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 3:21
  7. Episode 7 : Good Morning Gorgie (Health All Round) Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 5:06
  8. Episode 8 : Kripa Nagarajan Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 5:39
  9. Episode 9 : Linda Brown Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 2:25
  10. Episode 10 : Hearing Link Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 30:16
  11. Episode 11 : Ian McInnes Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 18:02
  12. Episode 12 : Mandy Watt Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 10:41
  13. Episode 13 : People First Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) 19:26


Episode 1 : Alan Dudley

Episode 2 : Amanda Heenan

Episode 3 : Brian Thompson

Episode 4 : FAZ Pilmeny Youth Group

Episode 5 : Gavin Neate (Neatebox)

Episode 6 : Get2gether

Episode 7 : Good Morning Gorgie (Health all Round)

Episode 8 : Kripa Nagarajan

Episode 9 : Linda Brown

Episode 10 : Hearing Link

Episode 11 : Ian McInnes

Episode 12 : Mandy Watt

Episode 13 : People First

‘Making Of’ Film

Agnieszka Ziętak who is one of our Media Volunteers created this film using footage recorded during some of our visits to groups and organisations around the city to gather content for the exhibition.

Want to get involved?

We need you to be involved so your voices can be heard. Whether you are an individual, group, or organisation we’d love for you to be a part of our Voices of Edinburgh project and hear what equality means to you.

Feature in our photo gallery or in a podcast episode

If you would like to feature in our gallery of #MyEquality photos and/or contribute to our library of podcasts then please get in touch with us and we can arrange a suitable time for a visit. Please click here to open our contact page for details on how to get in touch.

Before we can photograph or record you we need your permission. During the visit we will provide you with a release form to complete. If you’d prefer you can complete one of these forms in advance. Please click on a link below to view and download a release form for an individual or a group:

Release Form (Individual)

Release Form (Group)

Completed forms can be returned to us by email, posted to us, or returned by hand to our office. Please click here to open our contact page for details on how to get in touch.

Help us to promote the project

If you would like to help us promote the project and the exhibition, you will find links to social media and newsletter copy along with some graphics below. Please feel free to use these resources to help us reach as many people as possible.

Social Media

Like us on our Facebook page here, and follow us on Twitter here and Instagram here and help spread the word about the project using the hashtags #VoicesOfEdinburgh and #MyEquality.

Hosting our exhibition

If you are interested in exhibiting the hard-copy photos and/or podcast episodes, for example at an event you are holding, please get in touch with us and we can discuss the details further.

Photos are A2 in size in both portrait or landscape and we can provide clips with the photos for hanging. We also have large format photo books that can be used to display the photos at venues where space is limited and, for example, only a table is available.

For the podcast episodes we have four tablets supplied with headphones, along with transcripts of each episode.

Please click here to open our contact page for details on how to get in touch.

Let us know what you think

We will be adding a short feedback poll here along with some of the comments we have received on the exhibition shortly so please visit this page again for more soon.

“Excellent exhibit, great to see such wide participation and such a wide variety of views on equality in our community.”

“Great to see so many diverse voices from across Edinburgh.”

“Really great concept, very effective and inspiring in equal measures!”

“Excellent exhibition that shows the power of diversity by promoting equality! Very inspiring.”

“Very interesting and enjoyable exhibition, simple and effective presentation. Really thought-provoking and opened up good discussions with my children.”

“Needs to be seen by wider audience. An interesting selection of views, aspirations and reflections.”

“Such an interesting and lovely exhibition. To see locals’ views on equality is very touching. The comments book, podcast, selfie-station and merchandise makes it more fun and interactive. The blue background of the photos really makes the messages pop. I wish more people could see the exhibition to really get the issues across.”

“Really interesting and unique exhibition promoting equality and social inclusion. Needs to be promoted to the wider public! Great to see so many different people getting involved!”

“Great concept, wonderful photos, profound messages simply expressed.”

“Great to see Edinburgh’s diversity in action.”