If you identify as transgender, non-binary, agender or genderfluid and live in Edinburgh, or the NHS Lothian Chalmers GIC catchment area, we’d like to invite you to take part in our Transgender Quality of Life Project. Unlike most surveys where the transcommunity is represented as statistics gathered from ticky-boxes and questionnaires, TQLP aims to record and document the community’s experience in it’s own words.

We’re going to do this by simply recording you talking about your quality of life. The transcripts from multiple participants can then have the common themes within them identified and then reported in the words of participants. Your identity, details and the voice recording will remain absolutely confidential unless you give us permission to use them in the report.

For more information please contact by email tqlp@volunteeredinburgh.org.ukĀ 

Take a look at some more info and feedback on the recent workshop run at Trans Pride Scotland 2019 event in Dundee

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