Sometimes life gives you an opportunity where you don’t know what you could expect when you take it. One such is travelling around 5000 miles from India to UK.

With not much international exposure earlier I didn’t know what lay in store for me here. Though travelling with spouse was a plus, I still couldn’t get comfortable at first.

With media portraying scary news about the western world often and our mind trained to mostly “not forget” the negativity, I spent every day in fear and loneliness after my husband went off to work.

Though I am not a reserved person, being in a new environment posed its own challenges.

During the initial months, when at home, I remained with my windows shut because of the insecurities of not feeling safe at home. Having worked for 10 years in India and being with people all the time, I had to find some respite and that is where I tried volunteering.

To be honest, I started initially with an aim of finding work. But it also gave me something I totally had not expected. It helped me a great deal in getting out and spending time in an office environment “with people” close to how I had been in India.

I started spending more time at volunteering and I realised I loved doing this and also felt relaxed. Once I got to know people I started feeling confident and at ease by the care and love they showered on me. I tried new things and got to work in developing my technical and interpersonal skills without much liabilities or fear of losing my job.

I now have developed an interest in looking for jobs in the charity sector as I feel working on that would give a sense of content and help me improve my well-being.

I still don’t have experience doing paid work but I think I have developed myself where I can adapt well to whatever the situation might be.

Being here has given me plenty of moments to cherish and I will definitely “check in” these memories and take them back to India when I leave.

There is a saying “There is light at the end of tunnel”. I feel volunteering helped me find the light. Hope there is something that helps you too find the light.

Love and light to all.

Kripa Nagarajan Equalities Ambassador


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