Here at EaRN we are excited to announce we are hosting a free networking event on February 21st at the Norton Park Conference Centre.  The concept of ‘networking’ can seem a bit mysterious and confusing. Basically, we are hosting an event where individuals, groups and organisations involved or interested in Equalities and Rights issues get… Read More

In this blog post Equalities Ambassador Nada Shawa discusses our upcoming event Breaking Down Barriers.  EaRN has been working on making a difference in highlighting equality and inclusivity in all areas. Some of the EaRN Ambassadors have been working to promote disability rights, but especially setting out a plan of action to increase awareness of… Read More

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Voices of Edinburgh is a project based around photos and podcasts that showcase the voices of people living in Edinburgh, and what equality means to them. We will be exhibiting a selection of the photos and podcasts from 17 June to 2 July at Edinburgh Palette, and will also be featuring them on our website… Read More