We are pleased to confirm our line-up of speakers for our upcoming 4 Conversations event on Thursday 20th February.
We are delighted to welcome:
Zara Todd, Consultant on Disability Rights

Becky Kaufmann, Scottish Trans Alliance

Mahrukh Shaukat , Amina MWRC

Davie Donaldson, Gypsy/Traveler Advocate & Social Justice Campaigner

Each speaker will share real-life experiences and host a discussion table on their particular topic with the aim of raising awareness of the continuing discrimination and inequality faced by some people in Scotland today, providing an opportunity for conversation, on each of the areas to increase understanding and foster a better understanding of each other. Examining the language that we use as a society and gain confidence as individuals around preferred language.

Attendees will then be invited to take part in 4 group conversations on each topic to provide an opportunity increase understanding of each other, examine the language we use and gain confidence around preferred language.

The second part of the event will see Police Scotland deliver a practical session on how to deal with discriminatory behaviour when we experience it or witness it as a bystander. We hope attendees will come away from the event felling more confident and empowered in discussing and dealing with these issues in everyday life.

There will also be a session on sharing and learning ways we as individuals can tackle discrimination when we encounter it.

Tea, Coffee and Refreshments available throughout and a buffet lunch will be served from 12.30-13.00.

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