Hi this is Matt (Equalities Ambassador). In a follow up to my previous blog post on Malaga, I have been off on my travels again, this time to Berlin the capital of Germany.

I stayed for five nights and I found that in general the public transport was fairly accessible for me as a wheelchair user, particularly the buses. Many of the underground/overground stations seem to have lifts but not all of them.

Berlin has many attractions and I felt that I barely scratched the surface, but here are some of the things I saw. There were several museums which are not only informative but also very accessible for wheelchair users, these include the DDR Museum, this is an interactive museum which focuses on the former communist East Germany. For example there is a reconstruction of a typical apartment that you can look around, and various exhibits about censorship, the education system, and the border with the west.

DDR Museum in Berlin

I also visited the Topography of Terror Museum, chronicling the crimes of the Nazi regime. This was a sobering experience. I was also able to visit a partially restored synagogue and Jewish Cultural Centre. The building was very beautiful and there was lots of information about Jewish life in the city.

I had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend of mine who I had been to university with. We went to Kruezberg, a very multi-cultural neighbourhood with a large Turkish community and a reputation for an alternative social scene. There is currently a lot of debate around gentrification around this area which I know is also an issue in Leith.

For a great view of the city pay a visit to the Reichstag which is the parliament building.

Finally I recommend the pretzels and beer as these were particular highlights of my trip to Berlin.


Matt Cresser
Equalities Ambassador


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