LEaRN Your Rights!

Guides to equality and human rights



A useful directory of third sector organisations and the services they offer around Edinburgh.

Document outlining how Edinburgh Council intends to meet its legal duties under the

Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty.



The SHRC promotes and protects the human rights of everyone in Scotland.

  • Hate Crime: 3rd Party Reporting

Find your nearest 3rd Party Reporting Centre here. To learn more about Hate Crime and 3rd Party reporting, click here.

  • One Scotland

    A campaign by the Scottish Government to ensure that everyone in Scotland is aware of their human rights. Contains personal stories of those facing inequality and useful resources on the following themes: 50/50 by 2020, disability, LGBTI, Race, Religion, Gender, Human Rights.


The EHRC promotes and protects the human rights of everyone in the UK. Helpful for

outlining what your rights are, what constitutes discrimination and guides to the Equality Act



  • United Nations

The United Nations is responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights on an

international level. Read more about it here.

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the history of human

rights. It represents the first global expression of rights that everyone is entitled to and acts

as the basis for many subsequent international laws. Go to Universal Declaration of Human