I’m Still Here

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We are pleased to launch a new project by our Equalities Ambassador Esther on the effects of loneliness. Called “I’m Still Here” we would love to hear from as many different voices as possible, please get in contact if you are interested in taking part. 

Hello, my name is Esther and I am a volunteer Equalities Ambassador with the Equality and Rights Network (EaRN). I am interested by issues that affect a diverse range of people living in today’s society, issues that cross sections, are indiscriminate in who they affect, and often go unnoticed when the people involved have more “obvious” problems to deal with. We are all living in an era which, at times, seems to have forgotten what the word “society” really means and the repercussions of that amnesia can be felt quite severely by people who often see themselves as less able to speak out about their own experiences and even less hopeful that anyone will hear them.

In a world where life seems to have no time to pause and think, where social media and digital connectivity are increasingly sweeping away face-to-face human contact, do we really think that our innate needs as “social animals” are being met? Do the busy people ever consider those whose lives might be less fully occupied? And, if they do, what attitudes do they adopt? Do the people who feel excluded, marginalised or isolated from “mainstream society” think that they are even visible?

I am looking for people who might be interested in talking to me about their personal experiences of loneliness and their views on why and how this affects them. I hope to collect recorded testimonies from participants and use these as the basis for a piece of theatre aimed at raising awareness and promoting discussion around this topic. All statements would be anonymised and no words would be used without the agreement of the speaker.

If you are interested in talking with me and making a contribution to this project, or if you’d just like to find out more, contact us on equalityandrights@volunteeredinburgh.org.uk.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories.

Esther Quinn

EaRN Equalities Ambassador