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To contact our ambassadors, please email:

Equalities Ambassador Induction Training
Pictured: Some of our Equalities Ambassadors at Induction Training

Why did you choose to become an EaRN Equalities Ambassador?

Some of our past and present Equalities Ambassadors were asked why they chose to become a volunteer for EaRN and you can read their responses below:

“As someone who has suffered from the loneliness of discrimination, and as a friend to those who have suffered far more than I, I want to stop hiding and finally do something to make this world a better and safer place for everyone. I feel deeply for anyone who has ever been hurt through ignorance, sexism, racism or discrimination of any kind and want to help them stand tall and have their voices heard.”

“I became an Equalities Ambassador in order to engage people in issues focused around equalities and rights. In doing so I hope to contribute towards building a platform for people from across Edinburgh to have their own voices heard on questions of equal opportunity, equal access and human rights.”

“I feel strongly that people who are facing barriers for whatever reason, whether it is because of age, gender, disability, sexuality etc. should be the ones who have the voice to change things, we have the lived experience so we know what can make things fairer.”

“I had been looking for a volunteer opportunity for a while, but the options were somewhat limited given my own physical health. When my advisor at Volunteer Edinburgh told me that EaRN was looking for Ambassadors, it sounded perfect!”

“I became an ambassador to raise awareness of disadvantaged groups and help to raise the profile of groups in society. LGBT and women’s rights are also an area of interest, especially as raising a daughter. As a gay woman in the network, ensuring this marginalised voice is included.”

“I became an Equalities Ambassador because of my passion for human rights.”

“Volunteering with Volunteer Edinburgh has been such a positive experience, especially becoming an Equalities Ambassador with the Equality and Rights Network. It has allowed me to get involved with something that I am passionate about. My interest in Human Rights on a local and international level has been with me for a long time. To have the opportunity to help raise awareness of issues of rights and equality within my community gives me a huge sense of doing something deeply valuable.”


Interested in becoming an Equalities Ambassador?

For more information on being an Equalities Ambassador and to apply please click here.

Please note we are not currently recruiting for Equalities Ambassadors. Please get in contact in 2018 to see what opportunities are available.

Equalities Ambassador Business Cards