Over the last few months the Equality and Rights Network have been assisting the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and the Edinburgh Community Transport Public Social Partnership (CTPSP) by undertaking a survey on the future of Community Transport services in the city. The results of this will feed into a wider consultation exercise on Community Transport.

The PSP is considering Edinburgh’s first long-term strategy and action plan for community transport and is compiling a range of evidence to help inform the content. How people use these services is a key element of data which will help grow and develop these services for the future.

Some of the headline figures to come out of the survey are that over 66% of respondents would like to make greater use of Community Transport services in the future, with 74% saying an expansion of community transport services should be a top priority.

For further information on the survey results and the wider consultation please contact Frank Henderson, City Wide Service Manager at The City of Edinburgh Council – frank.henderson@edinburgh.gov.uk

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