Use of Community Transport in Edinburgh Survey

The Edinburgh Community Transport Public-Social Partnership (PSP) have asked EaRN to undertake a survey in order that people using community transport in Edinburgh can say what their experience is and suggest ideas for improvement.

This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. It would be most appreciated if your response could be submitted by Thursday 31 May .


Please click HERE to complete the survey


What is this survey about?

The PSP partners are keen to better understand from those using community transport, how these services are currently used, the barriers to greater use, and what can be improved in order that more vulnerable people within our localities can make use of these community-owned services.


What will happen with responses?

All information gathered by this survey is completely anonymous and information will be gathered and collated by EaRN (further details below) before being passed on to the PSP. A summary of responses and findings will be provided and used in any public reporting.


Why is the PSP collecting this information?

The PSP is considering Edinburgh’s first long-term strategy and action plan for community transport and is compiling a range of evidence to help inform the content. How people use these services is a key element of data which will help grow and develop these services for the future. This Survey is taking place alongside a series of small group and focus group discussions that will take place over the next few months. Should you wish to get in contact, the following email address has been set up;;


For more information on Community Transport please see this factsheet.

 In Edinburgh, there are five key (community-owned and operated) providers of community transport services, however there are also many other community organisations that operate transport within localities on a casual basis.

 These services provide a range of transport for example; those travelling to day centres or social care facilities, requiring transport for hospital appointments, hospital-to-home transport, travel to the supermarket or a social event, etc.


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