Nada Shawa, one of our volunteer Equalities Ambassadors, attended a seminar along with another of our ambassadors Luke Padfield on Brexit and its implications for rights in March on behalf of EaRN. She has written a short piece about it below:


“This is a time that is ‘unprecedented” said Mr Per Johansson, Head of Office at the European Parliament Information Service in Edinburgh. This is what Mr Johansson stressed, during his talk at a seminar organised by the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, entitled ‘Brexit and its implications for rights,’ held on 27 March 2017. He continued, “this process is going to take longer than we imagine.”

After the UK had decided to leave the European Union on the 23 June 2016, we are only now waking up to the reality of what this means. Organisations around Scotland are working hard to ascertain the implications for what it means to them, and especially the work they hope to continue.

I attended the seminar on behalf of EaRN, along with many other organisations attending from various backgrounds, including those working in the area of refugees, and disability, among others.

Key speakers, in addition to Mr Per Johansson was Ms Swee Leng, the Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the Legal Education Foundation. Ms Leng presented an extremely interesting and comprehensive paper on the legal framework, once Article 50 had been triggered, which took place 29 March 2017. There was also a clear breakdown of the process of the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ revealed on 30 March 2017.

Also attending was Mr Duncan Isles the Head of Human Rights at the Scottish Government. Mr Isles gave a brief talk about the implications of Brexit in Scotland.

Closing the seminar was organiser Ms Mhairi Snowden of the Human Rights Consortium Scotland. She gave everyone an opportunity the ask questions and engage fully in the discussion.


Nada Shawa
Equalities Ambassador


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