In this blog post Equalities Ambassador Nada Shawa discusses our upcoming event Breaking Down Barriers. 

EaRN has been working on making a difference in highlighting equality and inclusivity in all areas. Some of the EaRN Ambassadors have been working to promote disability rights, but especially setting out a plan of action to increase awareness of the need to improve access for people with disabilities to public and commercial establishments in Edinburgh.

As part of this work EaRN is excited to be hosting a forthcoming event titled Breaking Down Barriers: Disability, Visibility, Accessibility. The event will be on Saturday 10th February, 2pm – 4pm at Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY.

We hope to break down these barriers with a showcase of variety with music, dance, film and poetry. There will also be the opportunity to look at stalls from various community organisations, promoting equality and rights, craft, and the latest technological innovations in disability inclusivity.

I am personally pleased to be helping organise this event, which will showcase talent, skills and be extremely informative. Because it is now time to really have an inclusive awareness towards people with disabilities in a cultured society as Edinburgh.

You can reserve a free space by visiting our Eventbrite page.

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