Public Sector Case Studies

Here are some case studies provided by representatives from within the public sector:


City of Edinburgh Council

“Earn members, ambassadors and staff have been invaluable in helping the council develop its new equality, diversity and rights framework 2017/21.

The new framework describes how the council wants to help Edinburgh become a fairer and inclusive city. It is also a response to the equality act and human rights legislation

Over the last year they helped to set five new priorities for the council. These are to improve transport services, improve accessibility to houses and buildings, promote good community relations, improve education and employment services and tackle the negative impacts of welfare reform.

The council looks forward to working with earn over the coming years to ensure these outcomes are delivered.”

Nick croft
Locality and Partnership Manager
City of Edinburgh Council


Police Scotland

“Edinburgh Police division is fully committed to providing an inclusive and accessible service to all residents and visitors to the Capital city. EaRN members, ambassadors and staff have proved to be a useful partners in working towards this.

EaRN played a key role promoting Police Scotland’s 2026 consultation phase, ensuring that the voices of our minority communites are heard. This consultation directly impacts future Policing priorities and as such is vital that we consider the views of all.

Police Scotland have worked in collaboration with EaRN at several Community Safety drop-in events. This partnership approach increases the reach of each organisation and demonstrates the commitment we have as a public sector organisation to hearing the views of all those we serve.

The importance of joint working cannot be underestimated, and Edinburgh Police Division hopes it can build on their relationship with EaRN, as well as it’s members and ambassador in the years to come. We all have a vital role to play improving community cohesion across the city, and together I believe this is something we can achieve”

Scott Kennedy
Prevention, Interventions and Partnerships
Police Scotland


Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

“Working in partnership with EaRN demonstrates the commitment that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has to work with everyone in the communities across Scotland, to help build a safer Scotland.

The SFRS vision of Safety, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation underpins its’ values ensuring the SFRS is an effective, positive and collaborative place to work, as well ensuring that those who are employed by the service conduct themselves appropriately whilst performing their duties with integrity, impartiality and efficiency to the communities we serve.”

Bruce Nisbet
Watch Manager and Local Authority Liaison Officer
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


NHS Lothian

“NHS Lothian has recently published its Equality and Rights Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report. We have tried to learn from our experiences of the last four years and we said that we will take a different approach to Equalities and Rights work from now on, which will include building a network of people who want to work together in Lothian to make sure that we are putting people’s rights at the heart of our work, reducing discrimination and inequality, and improving the outcomes that matter for all the people we work with and who work for us.”

“As lead officer with responsibility for producing NHS Lothian’s Equalities Outcomes report, I was keen to make sure that our local communities were included in the process. Producing a report written by NHS staff is one thing, but making links with the lived experience of people who use a range of services is much better. It adds a level of authenticity, helping us to know that we are responding to what matters to people, not just doing what we think might work.

So I was delighted to meet Caroline, Stephen, Euan and some of the EaRN volunteers to ask for their help, and to find that they were not only already arranging a highly pertinent exhibition, #MyEquality, but were totally open to involving us with that work. We ended up running an interactive engagement session in the exhibition space, and getting people’s feedback on our ideas there and through the EaRN website. We also got some NHS staff contributing their perspective to the exhibition!

I look forward to further collaboration with EaRN, working to understand and empower local people in our work to improve Equality and Human Rights in Lothian.”

Chris Bruce
Equalities and Human Rights lead for NHS Lothian


NHS Lothian 'Voices of Edinburgh' Workshop

EaRN were recently approached by Chris Bruce, the Equalities and Human Rights lead for NHS Lothian, who asked us to hold a workshop for NHS Lothian staff and service users (pictured above).

EaRN was delighted to facilitate a workshop to kickstart their new approach to Equalities and Rights work; we held it in the Edinburgh Palette galleries during our Voices of Edinburgh exhibition that you can read more about here.

We started by inviting attendees to look round the exhibition to get them thinking about equality and what that means to different people, before moving on to workshop ideas of inequality and what attendees felt were the main issues specific to NHS Lothian, from both a staff and service user perspective. We then moved onto breaking down those main problems, and identifying potential solutions and action points, all of which was discussed and recorded in small groups.

Some fantastic discussion arose and the workshop could definitely have gone on for longer than three hours! NHS Lothian staff took away everything that was recorded and we look forward to following up with them to see what next steps have been taken.

We had some great feedback on the workshop, including:


“Great opportunity to speak to varied professionals with common interest.”

“Very enjoyable, good mix of people – thanks!”

“Genuine attempt at collaboration.”

“Pitched really well – good interaction.”

“Food for thought for our own service/practice.”

“I’ll take away greater understanding of barriers others are facing.”