EaRN Charter

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1. Vision and mission

The Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) aims to enable individuals, groups, organisations and communities of interest to work in partnership with public services to advance equality, promote human rights and tackle inequality and poverty in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. EaRN Members will have opportunities to be engaged in and consulted on developments and reviews in services, policies and practices across the themes of poverty, inequality, human rights, caring and groups protected under the Equality Act 2010: age, disability, gender re-assignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.

2. Ethos

EaRN will work to promote open dialogue amongst members in order to enable them to collaborate with each other to tackle issues of concern. Members will share information and best practice in order to foster a stronger, more connected third sector community. Members will respect difference and diversity and commit to supporting each other and vulnerable individuals and/or groups. Members will commit to playing an active role in the network and adhere to EaRN’s intersectional approach. Equalities Ambassadors will ensure that the voices of marginalised individuals and communities are fully represented to public agencies.

3. Objectives

EaRN aims to:

  • tackle poverty and inequality;
  • promote human rights;
  • promote equality of opportunity;
  • eliminate discrimination, victimisation and harassment;
  • foster good relations and promote intersectional working;
  • provide a safe and supportive space for vulnerable individuals and groups to have their voices heard;
  • enable members to meet each other, share information and experiences and improve collaboration and cooperation to achieve common goals;
  • give individuals and organisations opportunities to be involved in and influence public policy and service developments; and
  • gather information and viewpoints on poverty, inequality, equality and rights issues to inform outcomes, plans and policies.

4. Who can become a Member of EaRN

Membership is open to any group, partnership, forum, organisation, agency, company or individual interested in advancing equalities issues, tackling health inequalities, promoting rights-based work and tackling poverty.

5. How we report our achievements

We are committed to being transparent and accountable in all of EaRN’s activities. An annual report will be published which will summarise, review progress and information on Network membership and activities and identify the main strategic issues raised through Network activities.

This report will be sent to all Members and there will be an annual meeting organised to discuss the report.

6. Governance

EaRN is managed by a Board consisting of all funders and community planning partners. These are:

  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • NHS Lothian
  • Police Scotland – Edinburgh Division
  • Fire and Rescue Service Scotland – Edinburgh Division and ‘J’ Division
  • Edinburgh Partnership Board Member for Equality and Rights
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Edinburgh College
  • Edinburgh Garrison

Volunteer Edinburgh, the organisation awarded the grant to develop and manage the Network, will attend and support Board meetings but will not be a formal Board member.

In addition, as the Network develops members will be asked to join the Board to assist in the development of the Network.

The chair of the Board will be elected by, and rotate between, the Board members on an annual basis.

Secretarial and administrative support is provided by Volunteer Edinburgh.