About Us

The Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) enables any group, forum, organisation or individual to work in partnership with public services to advance equality, promote human rights, and to tackle inequality and poverty. The aim is to bring people together to have their voice heard.

Since 2015 EaRN has been working alongside community groups, charities, individuals and our public sector partners to create opportunities for people to influence decision makers, learn, share, network and have their voice heard.

EaRN is hosted by Volunteer Edinburgh and funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian. We work with a range of public sector partners including the City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and, Edinburgh College.

Raising Awareness

We raise awareness about equality and rights, through our digital communications, giving talks, holding events and making resources available to our members.

Community Engagement

We can visit community groups and projects, and facilitate discussions and workshops; and we regularly hold our own events so we can hear what you have to say on certain topics.


We spend time researching key equality and rights issues and current affairs. We also make sure we focus on ‘real world’ research, i.e. finding out what issues are affecting the people of Edinburgh right now.


We offer the opportunity for dialogue with key public sector representatives on particular issues, and feedback information we gather through events, conversations and surveys. We aim to make sure that your voices are being heard by the right people.

Progress Reports

We have produced two progress reports on our achievements so far. The first covers the first three years of the project from 2015-2018, with the second covering 2018-2019. You can read both reports by clicking on the buttons below.

Meet the team

Euan Hamilton

Euan Hamilton

Euan is the Development Worker for EaRN and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project including our events, workshops, outreach, volunteers and Voices of Edinburgh.

Originally coming from a legal background, Euan started working at EaRN in May 2017. He took over as Development Worker in April 2019.

You can follow Euan on Twitter @EaRNEuan

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