Considerations when receiving support package funding

In his next blog, EaRN volunteer Colin looks at the things to consider when in receipt of funding for a support package.

When somebody receives funding for their support package, either from their local authority or a Non-Departmental Public Body such as the Independent Living Fund Scotland ILFS or a combination of both, a condition of funding is that any unspent money over a certain amount is returned to payer using a designated template.

The ILFS recently reopened to new applicants who meet the conditions, I.e. need support to live independently.

Another condition of receiving ILFS funding is that you open a bank account (either within your current bank or a separate bank) purely for support transactions to enter/exit.  As someone who has sole responsibility for my own budgeting I regularly check the balance of this account and transfer funds back to ILFS when an excess balance is reached.

When a recipient of ILFS funding is deemed unable to manage their own funds due to either their physical disability or/and learning disability than a person is nominated to budged for the recipient of ILFS funding, this nominee has to be approved by ILFS and/or the recipient’s social worker.

The nominated person can be a parent/partner/sibling/offspring/solicitor.

This has to be somebody who can be totally trusted and is completely aware of any potential tasks and how they are carried out.  If the nominated person is unaware of the procedure involved then they need to be shown the steps involved.

Steps include:

  • Checking balance of account
  • Being aware when regular payments are due, especially when there is more than 1 recipient of payment.
  • Remember to keep 1 weeks’ payment in account as back-up for unforeseen expenses.
  • Inform recipient of funding of any payments/transfer made and why.
  • Print off or screenshot monthly statement so that every transaction can be accounted for.