Finding suitable accomodation

In his next blog, volunteer Colin looks at the things to consider when looking for accommodation.

Finding suitable accommodation is one of the biggest decisions anyone makes during their lifetime.  When a member of that household has a disability there are added factors to consider:

  • Does the accommodation have ramped/level access
  • If not contact the local authority about an assessment and what adaptations are needed.
  • Is the bathroom at ground level
  • Does the bathroom have a bath or shower
  • Is there enough room to manoeuvre ones’ chair inside the house
  • Is there enough space to transfer yourself from chair to toilet
  • Is there enough room for a fellow member of the household to assist you with transfer
  • Is there room to store ones’ equipment, e.g. hoist, shower chair
  • Is the accommodation on or near a bus route
  • Are the pavements ramped or level
  • Do the pavements have tactile paving (for those with a visual impairment)
  • Do local amenities have non-staired access
  • If not where are the nearest amenities that do have level access
  • Is there a GP practice within ‘walking’ distance of the house that is accepting new patients
  • If not where is the nearest practice that is accepting new patients
  • Consult the local authority about the procedure if any equipment is needed, especially if moving between different authorities and existing equipment needs to be left behind
  • If you are moving between authorities and you receive funding via Self Directed Support SDS contact new local authority about procedure for receiving a new pre-paid credit card which your funds will be pad into
  • Ask current Social Work Department to liaise with new Social Work Department about new funding package being put in place
  • If you are moving between local authorities and you employ your own support workers you will need to ensure that funding is in place for agreed hours, advertise, recruit, shortlist, interview and receive clearance from Disclosure Scotland
  • If a third-party has responsibility for your budgeting remember to inform your new authority that this is the case
  • Likewise, if you receive funding from Independent Living Fund Scotland inform them of any change in your circumstances

This may seem a long and bureaucratic procedure but it is better to follow the above steps to minimise the chance of knocking ones’ head against a wall.